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The Importance of 100 Days UI Challenge.

  As a newbie trying to start UI/UX design, I knew I couldn’t just hop into working on live projects or great looking portfolio to show my clients. I knew I needed to work on getting the right colors, layouts, typography, font size, hierarchy, etc and it wasn’t something I could do on my own hence I signed up for the  100 Days Daily UI Challenge . Although I wasn’t able to do it till day 100, I only stopped at day 33 because I felt it was time for me to start building my portfolio on Behance. Why Daily UI Challenge? The daily UI challenge encourages new UI/UX designers to set goals and create interfaces of various kinds for 100 days. This challenge is supposed to help you build your design muscles and help you improve in some basics principle of design which is: colors, typography, alignment, contrast, and consistency. Through repetition of the prompts you will receive in your mailbox, your design muscles keep getting stronger, which also aids in nurturing your design thinking process

On Turning a Year Older & Living a Purposeful Life

  So this post was supposed to be posted on 21st March, which was the day I turned a year older, but I decided to let it sit in my draft and schedule for today since it is the last day of the month and the end of the first quarter. The first quarter of the year is over, and there’s a lot of introspection going on for quite a number of us. February was a difficult month, I was mentally and emotionally stressed, and this made me experience a lot of panic attacks. Honestly, I don’t want to ever experience the stressful and draining part of this quarter ever again but I thank God for healing me and filling my heart with joy because as stressful as it was, I also did great things for myself which I will be sharing in this post.  Turning a year older scared me, I won't lie. I thought about some things I should have achieved and should be enjoying by now but on the second thought, I perceived I was being ungrateful and should be proud of where I am now, celebrate the moment and keep str

Empty State Design - Meaning & Importance.

Empty State - Mobile Version Empty states are what users see when there is no information displayed on the mobile or web screen. In summary, these are screens with little or no content on them depending on the situation, and examples of the situations are: 404 errors  Empty email inboxes  Empty checkout cart  Connection issues  The user has only just signed up Getting no results when you make searches  There are other situations that can also be placed as empty states but the most important thing is for these pages to be as engaging as possible.  Empty states are very important in UX Design but are often overlooked by designers that find them as non-essential screens that do not need attention. Designing an empty state is very useful to user experience and adds great value to products and services.    Empty State - Web Version As a designer, creating empty states is a great opportunity to let the users know what is happening, why it’s happening, and what to do about it, this helps to d