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How To Make Carrot Oil

Carrot oil can be used for the skin or hair and getting a good one can be nerve-racking sometimes, it’s either expensive or you fear getting a fake one. I learnt how to make my own carrot oil and the transformation was so beautiful; the use of carrot oil brightened my skin and made it really soft, the key is to apply it when your skin is still wet before applying your lotion 🌚 I have never gone back to buying from a store ever since. Keep reading as I walk you through how to make your own carrot oil.
Supplies • Hand Grater  • Pot • Mesh Strainer or Cheese Cloth • Jar
Carrot Oil Ingredient • Carrots • Essential or Carrier Oils of your choice (In my case I use Vitamin E Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil) 
Preparation 1. Wash carrots and peel the skin off. Grate carrots with the use of hand grater. 2. Place the grated carrot in a pot and pour oil of your choice to cover the carrot. 3. Heat very slowly until colour changes from yellow to orange 4. Allow to cool then strain with a strainer, separa…