2020, Life & Expectations

by - April 06, 2020

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Have you ever planned something and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to?

How did you feel, what was your reaction like? 

Throughout 2019 I didn’t even update my blog, before now I would beat myself up and get disappointed but as time went on I realized that these things happen, life happen and a lot of things get out of control, I’m human. 

2019 was a good year overall and I am glad we have passed that phase. 

How have you been? 2020 hasn’t been fun yes? This was not how we planned to live our life this year, full of panic, anxiety and fear. The world going through the same thing at the same time, it’s a mess but we stay hopeful & positive. 

I can imagine how difficult it must have been for a lot of us, some of us lost families, jobs, businesses, investments during this pandemic and I pray for the strength for you to bear these losses. We had lots of expectations and now it’s all on standstill. 

By the way what have you all been up to?

This lockdown has really shown the creative side of a whole lot of people; the hilarious tik tok videos, triller videos, Question games etc. I tried to make use of my time to register for courses online to help my career skills and even though it gets boring, I'm holding on to the fact that it will be worth it. 
The whole pandemic has been very overwhelming for me and I also started writing and yes! It feels good to be writing again. 

This phase will soon pass, I assure you. 

Gladly, a lot of people have been recovering from the virus and it’s such a wonderful news to hear, these news are the recipes to coping with the crisis at this time. Remember you are not alone and here is a list of how to stay positive in these times:
• Mind what you consume on the internet, make sure your timeline is full of people spreading positivity and hope.
• Find Information that will educate or uplift and entertain you
• Check on your families
• Let us use this opportunity to create happiness and memories with our loved ones.
• Stay positive; the way we feel influences the way we think, take charge of your mental and emotional health. 

While we stay hopeful and positive, let us adhere to the instructions of social distancing, washing our hands, use of sanitizers. Don’t forget to be kind to people, encourage them, ask for help if you are in need of anything at all, eat healthy and make good Lifestyle choices. 

Stay calm, we will all come out stronger. 

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