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Review: Absolute New York HD Flawless Foundation and Powder

When I received a mail from  @originalcosmeticsng asking to make a review of their product, I was smitten and who was I to refuse? They were kind enough to send these products to my doorstep and I just couldn't wait to try them out. Let the review begin: Absolute New York HD Flawless Foundation AHDF10 SIENNA SHADE What Company Says Second skin perfecting coverage and vitamin E Lightweight, water based formulae. Smooth and natural finish. Paraben/fragrance free. My Experience Its got a medium packaging, reminds me of 'NYX stay matte but not flat foundation', I love the portability of the foundation. I applied it using my foundation brush and since it is water based, you have to shake well before use because it tends to separate upon standing. I love the lightness and smoothness of the foundation when it sits on the skin although when applied at first it looks pale then it slowly warms up to your face and blends with your complexion. It has a thin t