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2017: An Opportunity For New Beginnings

A green leaf

I have never been fond of making new year resolutions not because I think its overated but because of the fact that after few weeks reality sets in and you are back to your old self which is an epic fail and that my friend is not an improvement to one's life, if you keep living the same life yearly without a positive change then you are likely to fail at one point.

There is nothing wrong in making these resolutions even if we fail to keep them, but the good news is that each year is an opportunity for a new beginning and a fresh start. While I drop a list of new resolutions which will be beneficial to us all, I will also try my best to stick to these goals and keep records of the ones I achieved and their progress. Now, I know am a little bit late with this list but we are just a month late and its not too late to go through with it. So, my friends, here is to a fresh start.

  1. Say no to procrastination: first of all, for us to achieve this resolution we need to drop this bad habit that stops us from achieving our goals.
  2. Increase your intake of water for healthier system.
  3. Read more books to gain knowledge on lots of topics.
  4. If you find joy in the little things you do and learn to reduce stress in your life, you will find yourself being contented and happier with your life.
  5. Believing and loving yourself more gives the opportunity to forgive oneself and those who hurt you, don't hold a grudge.
  6. Live an organized and tidier life, learn to declutter, get rid of unwanted properties.
  7. Start saving money and get out of debt, this is crucial.
  8. Reduce intake of sugar, it is very dangerous to one's health.
  9. Get over your ex, stop obsessing about them and put that energy into something positive like learning a skill, adopting a dog or getting a hobby.
  10. Be more responsible, own up to your mistakes, learn to think before making a decision which is a sign of maturity.
  11. Stop making promises you can't keep.
  12. Stop biting your nails, its childish. (Am really guilty of this)
  13. Eat healthy, reduce intake of junk food or don't eat at all.
  14. Live a healthy and neater lifestyle, bathe twice daily, wear clean clothes, shave, smell nice and take good care of your health, make sure to see a doctor once you feel different and stop self treatment or medication.
  15. Get more spiritual and find a deeper connection with your creator.
  16. Drop that negative energy and learn to be positive about life.
  17. Let us let go of getting mad so easily, complaining about every little thing and not thinking before talking.
  18. Stop over thinking things, learn to live with the flow of life and what it has to offer.
  19. Learn to use nice words, make an impact in people's life with your words, advice and kind gestures you won't be forgotten for it.
  20. Give yourself time and take care of yourself, don't over work yourself.
  21. We all know ourselves, write down a list of your good and bad side then work on that bad side cos you never know what problem it could get you into.
I can't stress how important these goals are, I know I didn't write them all so you can add to your list if you have more. Let's try to stick to these resolutions for a step to a better life. Happy New Year. 


  1. Nice one...will try to keep them

  2. These are good goals. I am working on being healthier.

    1. Thanks for visiting and I wish you good luck as you begin to work on it

  3. Replies
    1. Lol thanks for visiting and I hope you picked up one or two here 😛


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