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2016: The Things I Am Thankful For

I am really sorry for the long break in transmission..... To be really honest it has been a rough year I won't lie. 2016 has been the worst year of my life but the good news is that I made it, my family scaled through and it wasn't easy but it was worth it. The year is almost coming to an end, I look back to how it started and I always burst with so many emotions and i am so grateful for so many things which i'm about to share with you all.                  I am thankful for....... 1. My Family This year was really a disappointing year for my family starting from the beginning of the year till October, it was really sad, we almost lost our mum twice and I thank God we fought it through, we had each other through it all, we are seeing the end of 2016 together and am really grateful for that. 2. My Life and Health During my stay in the hospital with my mum, I saw the way people died around both old and young and I looked back to all the things I took for gran