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Understanding and Building Your Self-Worth

Being aware of your value or worth as a person is the most important aspect of your life. Most people feel devalued  probably from parents, friends or lovers who treated them poorly, unfairly or criticized them unnecessarily. The moment you begin to accept the way people treat you, you begin to see yourself less and devalued. We should know our value and not accept being treated less than we deserve in other words you deserve to be treated the way you treat others. In our quest to find love and attention from friends or lovers we ending up acting desperate and needy not knowing that love will come to you when you learn to love yourself first which is the most important relationship with oneself. When you love yourself you take pride in yourself and what you have to offer. Now that we have understood what self worth is lets see how we can build it. BUILDING YOUR SELF-WORTH Avoid criticizing or bringing yourself down. Always write down the things you love about y