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Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce and Vegetable Salad

I hope you all enjoyed your easter break because i absolutely did. I wanted to add something new to the blog and i thought food recipes will be the perfect label. Ok so i made something nice to celebrate the easter festivity "A Nigerian chicken curry sauce and vegetable salad" and i decided to share with you all, first of all here is the recipe for nigerian vegetable salad

 For vegetable salad

Green pepper
Red kidney
Farrow (processed green peas)
Exeter corned beef
Sweet corn
Boiled egg
Mayonnaise (heinz or bama)

Salad of life!!!

Chop the carrots, cucumber, cabbage and set them all aside in separate bowls unlike most people i don't peel and remove the seeds from my cucumber because they are all nutritious.

Slice your lettuce, green pepper and also set aside, then you boil your eggs and remove shells. Always wash your cabbage after you have sliced it to remove sand.

The next thing to do is uncap the cans of red kidney, green peas, baked beans and sweet corn and get ready to mix which i do with a very large plate.

Just sprinkle a handful of cabbage, carrot, cucumber, green pepper, lettuce leaves and also the sweet corn, green peas, red kidney, baked beans, corned beef and keep repeating the process until you are okay with the quantity you want. Mix them all up with mayonnaise then place a slice of boiled egg on the salad.

It is important for you to consume the salad after mixing because it will get soured because of the baked beans and mayo so i will advice you mix the quantity you can finish. Vegetable salad can be eaten with fried or jollof rice or can be eaten alone.

For chicken in curry sauce

Green and red pepper
Flour (for thickener)
Green peas (processed)
Sweet corn

Yum yum!!

first of all wash and scrape off your carrots then cut in any shape that suits you together with the sausage, green and red pepper then set aside. Mix the flour with water to get a liquid milk constituency and set aside also.

Boil your chicken with thyme, stock cubes and onions till soft then take off from the pot and set aside, then you add curry powder to the stock water of the chicken depending on how much stock water you have in the pot but you can still add water if the stock in the pot ain't enough, add your diced carrot and sausage, green and red pepper then add your thickener and heat for 80 seconds, since the sweet corn and green peas are already soft it should be added last then you stir and add your chicken, add salt if necessary then stir again and you are good to go. 

 You can use mushroom in place of sausage, my family don't eat mushrooms so sausage was used. You need to be careful so you don't overcook. Serve with boiled white rice or spaghetti. ENJOY!!


  1. I'm on a diet. So this sauce would be helpful. Thanks for sharing


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