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Nigerian Chicken Curry Sauce and Vegetable Salad

I hope you all enjoyed your easter break because i absolutely did. I wanted to add something new to the blog and i thought food recipes will be the perfect label. Ok so i made something nice to celebrate the easter festivity "A Nigerian chicken curry sauce and vegetable salad" and i decided to share with you all, first of all here is the recipe for nigerian vegetable salad  For vegetable salad INGREDIENTS Cabbage Cucumber Carrot Green pepper Lettuce Red kidney Farrow (processed green peas) Exeter corned beef Sweet corn Boiled egg Mayonnaise (heinz or bama) Salad of life!!! PREPARATION : Chop the carrots, cucumber, cabbage and set them all aside in separate bowls unlike most people i don't peel and remove the seeds from my cucumber because they are all nutritious. Slice your lettuce, green pepper and also set aside, then you boil your eggs and remove shells. Always wash your cabbage after you have sliced it to remove sand. The next thing to do i