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The Season Of Love: Spending Your Valentine's Day

Valentine is around the corner and I'm really sure most people are going crazy about how to spend it with their partners, what to buy for them or what the day is going to be like. The sad part about val's day is the fact that it's on a Sunday, the fun is going to be limited but all the same you have to make sure the limited time counts yeah? So, how do you plan to spend that lovely day because I already know I am spending mine at home ☹ but hey! I might quickly change my mind at the end who knows. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy valentine's day, so ladies and gentlemen put on something nice and go out and make the day count for something, unless you want to stay at home then please feel free to pamper yourself with every delicious food and snacks you can get... Yummy!!! Okay! So you want to get something really nice for your spouse or take them to some place and you can't think of anything, try to think about something he or she always