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I'm Getting Somewhere And Its Wonderful

Take a look at the title of this post...... ugh! i suck at creating titles, i really need to learn how to create kickass titles but i digress. I do have something good to share though, i couldnt wait for the weekend to be over to share that its official, is now, yeaah! it gives me so much joy to know that am getting somwhere. Writing has really been a wonderful experience which i have enjoyed so much during these past few months and am grateful for that. I got the opportunity to write for an international magazine  and four of the articles i sent were approved and has been published, i havent sent the last article but here are the links to the published articles Being single and living a happy life 8 health benefits of coconut water for pregnant women 7 reasons why cucumber is your skin's best friend The link to the fourth article will be posted once it gets published but till then, keep visiting thi