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Random Facts About Me

The girl of your dreams 👸

Just for fun and because I couldn't think of what to post, here are random facts about me:
  1. My middle name is Flora.
  2. I have a second English name that I detested while I was growing up "Franka", I thought it was for old women. 😑
  3. My nickname is pronounced floxie with the "Ph" that was how the name of the blog came about. 
  4. I am 5'6" and I weigh 65 kg.
  5.  I was born on 21st of march around 1:23pm, I'm an Aries. 
  6. I love God soo much, I don't play with my father in heaven 😇
  7. My favourite colours are black and purple. 
  8. I show different sides of myself depending on my mood, in other words I am a bit of everything rolled into 1.  
  9. I can't swim and Whistle 🙈
  10. I have a gap teeth.
  11. My favourite icecream flavour is chocolate.
  12. So.... I have a huge crush on Treysongz Ric Hassani, I love his songs, his soul and being 😍(okay, this is getting creepy) not that he is ever going to read this blog and holla and I can't believe I put this on the internet.😥
  13. I am too lazy to work out.
  14. I love junk food and I am food picker.
  15. I love music like I need water.
  16. I love animals and one day want to get a dog, parrot and a monkey 🐒
  17. I love dancing and I like singing in the bathroom.
  18. I don't read newspapers and I don't find watching the news interesting. 
  19. I don't have a favourite song, whenever I  download a new song I put it on replay till I  get tired and get another one.
  20. My favourite music genres are gothic rock and RnB.
  21. I love to play video games even though I suck at some of them. 
  22. I hate Mondays, I know some of you probably feel the same way. 
  23. I am empathic and a big crybaby. 
  24. My favourite tv shows are big bang theory, how I met your mother, game of thrones and two broke girls. 
  25. I have never had chicken pox. 
  26. I have a degree in Microbiology and Brewing. 
  27. I quickly get tired of doing things, I get bored easily.
  28. I can spend countless hours day dreaming and I think too much too. 
  29. I am hyperactive and a very curious person.
  30. I trust people easily.
  31. I am materialistic and ambitious. (well.... who isnt?) 
  32. I love watching cartoons/animations and my favourite is spongebob.
  33. I snort when I laugh hard ( yeah, this is embarrassing most times). 
  34. I am obsessed with shoes.
  35. I am an oenophile ( a wine lover, I love using fancy words 😏) 
  36. I am obsessed with chocolate and gummy bear. 
  37. I chew my nails.
  38. I am hoarder.
  39. I find it very weird wearing same shade of lipstick two or three times in a week.
  40. I hate am beginning to have interest in politics, I hate arguing about it  I think it's important for everyone to be informed about their government and what happens around it.
  41. I am a very big procrastinator. 
  42. My greatest fear is failure. 
  43. I am quite independent, I find people unreliable. 
  44. When I'm very nervous, I have a sweaty palm and I start feeling very cold. 
  45. I don't have a favourite number, alphabet or day of the week.
  46. I am never comfortable writing with a pen without the pen cover, I always have an emotional attachment to my pen/pencils so I always find it difficult to lend it out. I'm not stingy I swear... Its really weird. 
  47. I prefer turkey to chicken. 
  48. I'm very honest, I don't know how to lie and its obvious when I try to.
  49. My favourite fruit is pineapple.
  50. I am shy and quiet until you meet me with my friends and I'm like this crazy, funny talkative. 
  51. I am a natural mimic. 
  52. My turn offs : braggarts, liars, boys that sag.
  53. My turn on: smart people, honest people
So there you have it, the things you don't know about me, what do you think we have in common?  I will also like to know a thing or two about my readers. 


  1. I think I found the girl of my dreams. But I need to wake up first.

    1. Yes, you really do need to wake up 😅

      Thanks for stopping by.


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