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My Perfect Man List

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Every woman married and unmarried had/has a list of the qualities of their dream man, well...... some got their  wish and some didn't. Its funny how as we grow older the lists begins to reduce, like if we wanted 10 things in a man it gradually reduces to 5, its just difficult to find one man with 10 perfect qualities. I hear some list and am laughing so hard like we ladies expect too much from a man and sometimes it's disappointing when we don't find all we want. 

Anyhoo this is a list of my perfect man in no specific order: 
  1. His imperfections are what makes him my perfect man and because i said this doesn't mean he should be gross. 
  2. He must be God fearing ( my spiritual life is important to me) 
  3. He should be playful and funny 
  4. I want a guy who takes care of his appearance, i don't want someone with abs while we dating then we get married and you are growing a pot belly. 
  5. He should not chew like he grinds metals with his teeth. 
  6. He should be adventurous, spontaneous and lively, someone i can be myself with. 
  7. He should be crazy and not afraid to express himself.
  8. Some one with dreams to accomplish and encourages me to pursue mine too. 
  9. He should never tell me how the food i prepared doesn't taste like the one his mum prepares ( if my mum wasn't a good cook, i don't think i would be writing this yeah?) 
  10. Be a good kisser and also a wonder in the bedroom (oh yeaaaah). 
As funny as this list looks, these are the things i want in my man, am not even asking for much tho but will i find a man with these qualities or not? Only time will tell. 


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