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Random Facts About Me

The girl of your dreams 👸 Just for fun and because I couldn't think of what to post, here are random facts about me: My middle name is Flora. I have a second English name that I detested while I was growing up "Franka", I thought it was for old women. 😑 My nickname is pronounced floxie with the "Ph" that was how the name of the blog came about.  I am 5'6" and I weigh 65 kg.  I was born on 21st of march around 1:23pm, I'm an Aries.  I love God soo much, I don't play with my father in heaven 😇 My favourite colours are black and purple.  I show different sides of myself depending on my mood, in other words I am a bit of everything rolled into 1.   I can't swim and Whistle 🙈 I have a gap teeth. My favourite icecream flavour is chocolate. So.... I have a huge crush on Treysongz  Ric Hassani, I love his songs, his soul and being 😍(okay, this is getting creepy) not that he is ever going to read this blog and holla and I

My Greatest Fear

So many people have different ways  to explain the word "fear", i couldn't even define it well, i knew it was a bad feeling so i had to visit google and i got a definition that said "it is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat".  Everyone has fears, some are personal, some are explanable, you can never really understand someone else's fears, you can't  even relate to them. Fears comes in different forms and it haunts you.  My greatest fear is FAILURE, i know no one likes to fail but it's just too hard not be scared that i might disappoint my parents and fail them or fail in something that i like to do, what approach have i used to deal with this fear? I always tried to reassure myself that it's just a feeling and nothing more, i have always prayed about it and ask for peace instead, but i don't think they are enough, the fact is there is so much i can do.