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16 Things To Do Before You Turn 40

16 things to do before you turn 40

I wrote a post 19 Things to do Before You Turn 25 and promised to write another for those past 25 and I very well kept to my promise. Today, we will be talking about "The things we are supposed to do before we turn the big 40".

We all know the saying that life begins at 40, at this age you are sure of what you want. Turning 40 is a time to reflect on some accomplishments, the family you have built, and the wonderful friends that stayed. This age is a relief, it is not scary at all, and if you think at this that age that you are old and can't achieve so much, then you are wrong because you still have a long way to go. Let's see the things to do before we turn 40: 
  1. First and foremost be the best parent, sister, friend, brother, child, aunt, or uncle.
  2. Learn a second language and be fluent in it.
  3. Call or write a letter to 5 people who shaped you into the wonderful being you are.
  4. Donate blood. (for those who have never donated one before).
  5. Conquer your fear.
  6. Write a short story.
  7. Swim with dolphins (this is a must for me)
  8. Buy a Porsche (it is good to dream) 
  9. Get a painting of yourself.
  10. Do something wonderful for your parents.
  11. Donate to charity.
  12. Treat yourself to expensive accessories like a Rolex or a Chanel bag. 
  13. Eat something you have never eaten before.
  14. Spend a night at the beach (not alone at least)
  15. Treat yourself to a glass of expensive wine and dinner (yes please)
  16. And lastly, make sure you led a good life, you were kind, respectful towards people's belief, faith, and lifestyle. 
Yeah, that's all about it, you can add to the list if you want to, so whether you turning 40 next year, a few years, or this year you are never too old to pull off anything, you can still be fabulous at 40. 


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