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Important Things To Do Before The Year Runs Out

The month is almost coming to an end so as the year and alot of people including me are looking and searching for new ways to improve our lives and make the new year better than the past years. The year was challenging. We lost friends, we made new ones, we went through difficult situations and overcame them. Its really important for us to find ways to improve the quality of our lives each day. I know most of us are waiting till 1st of january to start a do's and dont's list or  new year resolutions that we might all end up not using. Anything we really want to do should be done NOW. Well, here is my gift to everyone on the important things to do before the year runs out. Eat Healthy: This should be our number one priority, we need to watch what goes into our body by reducing the way we eat junk food and choose fresh foods instead. Eat right for a healthy life span. Make New Friends: At this point of our lives we should be able to make friends with people who will add

I'm Getting Somewhere And Its Wonderful

Take a look at the title of this post...... ugh! i suck at creating titles, i really need to learn how to create kickass titles but i digress. I do have something good to share though, i couldnt wait for the weekend to be over to share that its official, is now, yeaah! it gives me so much joy to know that am getting somwhere. Writing has really been a wonderful experience which i have enjoyed so much during these past few months and am grateful for that. I got the opportunity to write for an international magazine  and four of the articles i sent were approved and has been published, i havent sent the last article but here are the links to the published articles Being single and living a happy life 8 health benefits of coconut water for pregnant women 7 reasons why cucumber is your skin's best friend The link to the fourth article will be posted once it gets published but till then, keep visiting thi

Random Facts About Me

The girl of your dreams 👸 Just for fun and because I couldn't think of what to post, here are random facts about me: My middle name is Flora. I have a second English name that I detested while I was growing up "Franka", I thought it was for old women. 😑 My nickname is pronounced floxie with the "Ph" that was how the name of the blog came about.  I am 5'6" and I weigh 65 kg.  I was born on 21st of march around 1:23pm, I'm an Aries.  I love God soo much, I don't play with my father in heaven 😇 My favourite colours are black and purple.  I show different sides of myself depending on my mood, in other words I am a bit of everything rolled into 1.   I can't swim and Whistle 🙈 I have a gap teeth. My favourite icecream flavour is chocolate. So.... I have a huge crush on Treysongz  Ric Hassani, I love his songs, his soul and being 😍(okay, this is getting creepy) not that he is ever going to read this blog and holla and I

My Greatest Fear

So many people have different ways  to explain the word "fear", i couldn't even define it well, i knew it was a bad feeling so i had to visit google and i got a definition that said "it is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat".  Everyone has fears, some are personal, some are explanable, you can never really understand someone else's fears, you can't  even relate to them. Fears comes in different forms and it haunts you.  My greatest fear is FAILURE, i know no one likes to fail but it's just too hard not be scared that i might disappoint my parents and fail them or fail in something that i like to do, what approach have i used to deal with this fear? I always tried to reassure myself that it's just a feeling and nothing more, i have always prayed about it and ask for peace instead, but i don't think they are enough, the fact is there is so much i can do.

Self Love

I used to look at the mirror and not like the girl i saw, i was not satisfied, i was not happy, i didn't think i looked attractive, i wanted more. I wanted to be like the people on tv and magazines, with their perfect body, long hair, pointed nose, nice curves and pretty eyes. I didn't think anyone would take me serious or love me the way i was. I wanted to change everything about me.  But then i grew up one day, i realised i was loved, i realised you can never be perfect, i realised that the people on tv and magazine too were not as perfect as themselves on tv and magazine. It was all a lie. No one can love you if you don't love or appreciate yourself, you are perfect the way you are, every one deserves to be loved, especially by the most important person which is YOU. These steps will help you love yourself:  Never compare yourself with others, you don't know what is ahead of them. Always be with people that really loves you and reminds you how amazin

16 Things To Do Before You Turn 40

I wrote a post 19 Things to do Before You Turn 25   and promised to write another for those past 25 and I very well kept to my promise. Today, we will be talking about "The things we are supposed to do before we turn the big 40". We all know the saying that life begins at 40, at this age you are sure of what you want. Turning 40 is a time to reflect on some accomplishments, the family you have built, and the wonderful friends that stayed. This age is a relief, it is not scary at all, and if you think at this that age that you are old and can't achieve so much, then you are wrong because you still have a long way to go. Let's see the things to do before we turn 40:  First and foremost be the best parent, sister, friend, brother, child, aunt, or uncle. Learn a second language and be fluent in it. Call or write a letter to 5 people who shaped you into the wonderful being you are. Donate blood. (for those who have never donated one before). Conquer your fear.

19 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

Okay! So I have hit my writer's block lately, and it's really bad that I am even unable to compose a simple sentence, I think I'm losing and also on the verge of quitting. This is something all writers will surely experience but I know I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. 😛 Getting to the topic of today, I know we all have a bucket list of places we all want to visit or things to do before we die and all but have we all thought about things to do before we get to a certain age?  Well, I'm turning 25 in a few years and I decided to drop a list of things I want to do before I get there, which of course will be of benefit to everyone who is yet to turn 25 and as for those who are past 25, don't worry the next post is going to be for you all. People think turning 25 is really scary with more responsibility and independence, yes, it might be, but if you went through college which was scarier then you should be able to jump this hurdle. This

12 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Bag

Hand bags are every woman's best friend, well, I in particular cannot move or go anywhere without a handbag or clutch bag, you would be surprised to find so many strange items in a lady's bag. Apart from a wallet, keys and cell phone, there are more items that should be carried around in the bags.  1. Sanitizers: every girl should have this item in her bag so as to reduce germs when come in contact with one.   2. Pads: well, most ladies should have these stuffed in a secret section of the bag when its about that time of the month, no one should be caught walking around in a stained dress. 3. Handkerchief: is a valuable item for those who sweat a lot or want to get rid of spilled drinks on clothes. 4. Wipes: this item can come in handy if you want to use the bathroom, be it at the work place or a public place, might also come in handy if you want a make up re_do. 5. Small Perfume: this should be kept in the bag at all times as it will always come in hand

Hello and Welcome To My First Blog Post

Hello and Welcome to the improved Phloxies Blog and my first post. My name is Ebere Wilson,  A Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger based in Lagos, I am passionate about writing, learning new things and chocolates. My blog, Phloxies Blog is a Nigerian Blog About Lifestyle, Personal Journey and Product Reviews. I started this blog out of boredom. I was very curious about how blogs work and why people owned one, after reading series of interesting lifestyle blogs, I realized the benefits of owning a blog and I decided to give it it a try. The blog was created to share personal stories, motivations, beauty tips, recipes, reviews and everyday living. My blog is aimed at educating, motivating, entertaining and empowering. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. Thank you for visiting. Cheers!!!